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The most common barrier to enterprise adoption of SaaS applications is the growing concern around security and integration.  In the past, deploying new SaaS applications meant creating additional silos of administration and management,.  As a result, the enterprise loses centralized control, management, and security while both complexity and costs are seen to rise.

In order to be successful when adopting cloud and mobile solutions in your business, you need a seamless and secure framework that spans the enterprise, SaaS applications, and mobile environments. 

To help you navigate these challenges, Symplified has created a detailed SSO Buyer's Guide.  This Buyer's Guide will help you better understand the questions you need to ask along the way,  Implementing cloud-based SSO does not need to be a daunting challenge, and Symplified is here to help.

To download a free copy of the new Symplified Universal Single Sign-On (SSO) Buyer's Guide, please complete the form to the right! 

How is your enterprise managing the need for secure single sign-on across cloud applications and mobile devices?

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