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Recorded Live | August 5, 2011
Do Approaches to Identity Management
in the Cloud have you confused?
Think SAML Federation is the only answer?
»   Understand why SAML Federation is not meeting the needs of enterprises moving their identities to the cloud
»   Learn about the identity barriers to cloud computing and how enterprises are overcoming them
»   Gain insight on how to deploy identity services as an extension of your existing infrastructure
»   Understand how you can add mobile devices to your cloud strategy and enable secure access to tablets or smartphones
»   Learn about a revolutionary next generation approach to cloud-based Identity and Access Management
There is identity management and then there is Symplified Identity Management
Don’t miss the opportunity to see the presentation that everyone is talking about, especially by those using SAML Federation solutions:
"The most interesting and thought provoking discussion on securing the cloud, it helped us re-think our approach & gain practical tips."
- T. Sherman
The Truth About Identity Management in the Cloud was
"Ground Breaking"
- Experience the Keynote that has people Talking!
Cut through the hype!
Understand how SAML Federation does not meet the needs of today’s Enterprises moving to the Cloud.
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