Symplified | The Cloud Security Company
Cloud Agility, Federated Identity
Recorded Live | September 22, 2011
Build a successful cloud roadmap & learn how to navigate your way from virtualization to private cloud to public cloud offerings
»   Market Dynamics of Cloud Computing: The real market size of cloud computing and how the different markets will evolve


The Cloud Innovation: Examples of how the cloud is not typically replacing existing assets but used to accelerate innovation

»   Building a Cloud Roadmap: Recommendations for building a cloud roadmap and navigating from virtualization to private cloud and public cloud offerings

»   The Cloud Broker: Introduce the new concept of the cloud broker, a future business model

»   Security & Risk Barriers: How to integrate internal IT with external cloud services and overcome security and risk barriers

Also hear from cloud identity expert Darren Platt, Founder and CTO of Symplified, and learn best practices to start implementing your cloud roadmap today.

Featured Speakers

Holger Kisker
Darren Platt
Holger Kisker
Ph.D & Senior Analyst
Darren Platt
Founder & CTO