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Curing Collaboration Headaches
Learn How the American Hospital Association Cured Its Collaboration Headaches
»   Enabled all its employees secure access to external applications with single sign-on via IWA (Integrated Windows Authentication)

»   Delivered SaaS applications to each employee based on their unique level of access

»   Provided a powerful and effortless single sign-on solution to their new social intranet & collaboration platform
Expert Bios
Jack MacKay
VP / CIO, American Hospital Association
Karthik Chakkarapani
IT Director, Technology Solutions & Operations, American Hospital Association
For the past 5 plus years, Karthik has lead and implemented many enterprise applications and infrastructure projects at AHA such as Office Relocation, Social Intranet & Collaboration, SaaS Security & Single Sign-On, ITIL, Document Management & Collaboration, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Mobile Applications and Private Cloud & Virtualization Infrastructure.
Josh Forman
VP Customer Success, Symplified
Forman manages Symplified's first-class support and services, technical operations and professional services. Josh is Symplified's primary resource providing customers with executive advocacy. Josh is a graduate of University of California Santa Barbara and received his masters from Regis University. Josh is also a Director of a Boulder based non-profit and represents Symplified on the board of the Entrepreneur's Foundation of Colorado.