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Effective Access in Governance in Healthcare
Recorded Live | Thursday, August 18th
Visiting Nurse Service of New York Invests in WAM to Provide Better Customer Service & Achieve Compliance


Security: An easy and secure way for employees and clinicians to access 4 different SaaS applications and growing


Infrastructure: An enterprise single sign-on solution that could support systems and apps across different platforms and technologies


Scalable: A solution that could support 8,000 + employees and 4,000+ clinicians


Ease of Implementation: A quick implementation that didn't require costly human or hardware resources


Customer Support: Excellent customer support before, during and after the implementation


Compliance: Measure actual compliance and meet HITECH  & HIPAA regulatory guidelines
This webcast is ideal for developers, architects, CIO’s and other IT professionals including SaaS administrators who are looking to secure and connect their workforce to their IAM infrastructure and cloud-based apps.
Featured Speaker Larry Whiteside
Larry Whiteside

Visiting Nurse Service
of New York