Ongoing security concerns along with a perceived loss of visibility and control are the most oft reasons given by IT administrators for delaying cloud adoption.

In the past, deploying new SaaS applications necessarily meant creating disparate silos of user identities and administration. Things have dramatically changed for the better, however, as full-featured SSO solutions now allow admins to overcome these prior hesitations.

Seeing as how not all SSO providers were created alike, Symplified has created a detailed “SSO Buyer's Guide” to help you determine what to look for in a vendor.

This guide will help you better navigate the questions you need to ask along the way, especially those that you may not have considered from the outset.

Implementing cloud-based SSO doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge, and Symplified is here to help you chart the course.

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A Single Sign-On (SSO) Buyer's Guide by Symplified


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Are You Asking the Right Single Sign-On Questions?

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