Symplified White Paper - 6 Best Practices for Cloud-Based Identity ServicesIdentity and access management is one of the great IT challenges of the SaaS era. Ever-growing varieties in types of users, devices, and applications only further complicate the scene.

Recently, though, cloud-based identity services vendors have fundamentally transformed the way businesses approach a comprehensive identity solution.

In this white paper you will learn about six cloud-based identity management best practices for successfully building your business’ cloud identity solution.

This paper further addresses the following topics:

  • BYOD in the enterprise
  • Ownership of user data
  • Future-proofing your identity strategy

Finally, you will discover how Symplified can enable you to successfully strike the balance between the convenience your users expect and the control and visibility that IT demands.

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"Making Identities Work Securely in the Cloud"


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6 Best Practices for Cloud-Based Identity Services

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